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2SFG signs £50 mill food waste energy deal

Food manufacturer 2 Sisters has signed a £50 million deal to convert food waste to renewable heat and energy in all of its UK sites.

The contract between H2 Energy, based in Liverpool, and 2 Sisters will see animal by-products converted to energy.

The company claimed this would reduce the food group’s carbon footprint by 10 per cent and deliver significant cost savings to the food supply chain.

Speaking at the launch of the deal, 2 Sisters executive director Philip Wilkinson said farming’s global challenge was to feed more than nine billion people by 2050.

He said: “The big issue facing the industry and feeding 9bn people is one of land, fuel, water, welfare and the environment.

“This particular project ticks many of these boxes and also achieves Government objectives at both UK and international level.”


The first phase will see 2 Sisters build biorefineries at 10 of its locations during the next three years in a deal valued at £50m. These included manufacturing, fish, meat and poultry sites.

The first of these, 2 Sisters’ Cavaghan and Gray site, Carlisle, would produce up to 3,500MWh per year of electricity and about 5,000MWh/year of processing steam.

This was equivalent to 750 homes’ annual energy use and would provide 20 per cent of the site’s electricity needs.


The project will also deliver carbon savings as the biorefineries will cut down on the amount of lorries used to transport waste.

William Shotton, H2 Energy chief executive, suggested the contract was an important step in exploiting the use of animal by-products. He claimed these cost £30-£70 per tonne to dispose of.

He said: “By processing this into energy it gives waste and carbon savings and can deliver an added value of £150-£200/t.

“This technology supports a major step change in providing additional profits for the food industry.”

Source: - 11 Dec 2014