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Graham’s Dairy’s Stirling plans could bring 450 jobs

Graham’s Dairy’s Stirling plans could bring 450 jobs

Plans for a new £20 million research and training centre by Graham’s Dairy could create 450 jobs.

The Graham family, who have been farming in Stirlingshire for five generations, have unveiled proposals to create a 150,000 square feet centre opposite Stirling’s Agriculture Centre.

It would feature production lines for milk, cream, cheese and spreadable butter as well as a dedicated research and training centre to allow for new product development.

The major dairy production company has a turnover of £85 million. With its 98 farming partners it produces about 15% of Scotland’s annual milk production.

The company produces milk, butter, cream, ice cream, cheese and a range of Jersey products to major retailers and more than 6000 customers throughout the UK.

Managing director Robert Graham said: “It is a hugely exciting time to run a business in Scotland.

“Far more can be done in Scotland to produce and market premium Scottish dairy products and there is huge potential to add value to milk through products such as cheese, cream, yoghurt and, in particular, butter. “Our research forecasts that by combining a new, modern dairy processing facility with a research and training centre that has strong links into the local education system and a proactive local recruitment policy, Graham’s can significantly strengthen the Stirling economy and place the city at the forefront of the Scottish food and drink sector.”

Source: - 1 April 2015