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Producers pledge £1.9m for breaches to packaging rules

An increasing number of obligated producers have committed to pay over £1.9m in total to compensate for breaches of packaging waste regulations, figures from the Environment Agency indicate.

Details of civil sanctions administered between August 2013 and January 2014 showed that 20 companies have agreed to donate money to charities and put in place remedial measures to rectify some compliance failures.

Phil Conran, director at consultancy 360 Environmental, noted that some “record payments” had been made in the last six months of 2013.

Baby food and drinks producer HIPP UK pledged £414,900 to the Woodland Trust, the Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Toiletries shops operator GR & MM Blackledge has decided to donate over £191,000 to the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

Wine producer Broadland Wineries agreed to pay over £156,500 to the Norfolk Wildlife Trust and The Conservation Volunteers.

According to Conran, the previous record sum were £60,000 paid by two separate companies in 2012.

As part of remedial actions, HIPP UK, GR & MM Blackledge and Broadland Wineries registered with a compliance scheme.

The penalties were administered in the form of Enforcement Undertakings, which are civil sanctions that allow the offenders to set out how they propose to put the matter right.

If the EA accepts the proposal, the Enforcement Undertaking becomes a legally binding voluntary agreement.

Source: - 1 April 2014