Interim Management

Interim Management is the provision of the services of a specialist or executive, assigned to a client company on a short to medium term basis (1-18 months), to carry out a specific task, project or role. Food Careers maintains an extensive database of Interim Managers, all with many years experience gained from within the Food Manufacturing sector.

Our Interim Managers can be available at short notice to provide a flexible and professional service. Traditionally, Interim Managers have been used as Functional Managers to fill a ‘gap’ and have provided cover for: secondment, one-off projects, restructuring, long-term absence, holiday cover, or maternity leave. However, the flexibility that Interim Managers can offer has seen them being used for: launch of a new project, development of a new product, commissioning of a new factory, meet legislative compliance, drive up service levels, or implement systems and procedures.

Interim Management is increasingly seen as a cost effective alternative to the deployment of management consultants. To be successful in Interim Management you must be able to demonstrate first class leadership and interpersonal skills supported by personal testimonials. You will also need a track record of influencing and managing change and a career history that demonstrates personal credibility within the Food Manufacturing industry.

The benefits of engaging an Interim Manager are numerous; they have ‘no axe to grind’, they are not seeking promotion, or engaging in corporate politics, and go into each assignment with an open mind, focusing solely on completing the task to the best of their ability.

Demand for Interim Managers is high, particularly within Technical disciplines such as Technical Management, Manufacturing and Factory Management. Given that raw material costs are continuing to spiral there is also a big demand for Interim Managers with Lean Manufacturing and Operational Improvement experience, as driving down production costs is one of the few ways for some Food Manufacturers to improve margins, particularly those that supply private-label products to to the supermarkets.

Once the preserve of candidates coming to the end of their careers, Interim Management is now seen as a genuine alternative to working in a permanent role. Employees are increasingly seeking workplace flexibility, and Interim Management can offer this, as many Interim Managers take planned breaks between contracts, before picking up new and often lucrative assignments.

Food Careers has also experienced an increase in the need to recruit Interim Managers for overseas assignments, as Food Manufacturers relocate to regions where production costs are lower, and manufacturers in emerging countries seek to recruit food professionals who can assist them in raising standards and gain necessary food accreditations. Food Careers have assisted companies in Russia, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

If you are an Employer with an Interim Management requirement, please call or email with further details