Production Manager

After running my own business for 5 years I decided I wanted to return to the Food Manufacturing industry. My problem was knowing what type of position I should be applying for? what salary should I expect? and what sort of terms and conditions? I started my job search by using the 'scatter gun' approach which didn't get me anywhere.

I then talked to Food Careers, who advised me on the type of job I should aim for and the salary package I should expect. Food Careers then set up interviews with prospective employers, sent me invaluable information on interview questions and interview techniques and provided background information on the prospective employer I was really interested in.

From registering with Food Careers to clinching the position I really wanted took only 3 weeks!! Needless to say I could not recommend Food Careers highly enough, and if you want to talk to a human being, talk to Chris Burns and his team. 

Mike Osborne, Shift Production Manager, UK Chilled Foods Manufacturer